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Henley and Partners

Henley & Partners is the global leader in residence and citizenship by investment. Each year, hundreds of wealthy individuals and their advisors rely on our expertise and experience in this area. The firm’s highly qualified professionals work together as one team in over 55 offices worldwide.

The concept of residence and citizenship by investment was created by Henley & Partners in the 1990s. As globalization has expanded, residence and citizenship have become topics of significant interest among the increasing number of internationally mobile entrepreneurs and investors whom we proudly serve every day.


David Bell speaks with John Smith from Company, they discuss X, Y and Z.

Troy Hanley
Managing Director
Yat Wan Yeung
Associate Director Private Clients
Romain Ligault
Private Client Advisor
Hesham Hasan
Private Client Advisor

David Bell speaks with John Smith from Company, they discuss X, Y and Z.

Risk Assured

Risk Assured is the UK's leading independent financial advice practice focussing solely on the provision of high value life, critical illness and income protection insurance policies. We frequently advise high net worth individuals, company directors, trustees, family offices and entrepreneurs with particular expertise in placing large sum life insurance policies in excess of £1 million rising to £150 million. By engaging with our clients and their other professional advisers, we respond to each client's unique needs whilst complimenting their wider planning objectives.


Our reinvention of the insurance application process has been proven to minimise the inconvenience and interruption to our clients'​ everyday lives. The high value insurance market is complex and risk is ultimately carried by a group of global reassurers. Understanding where risk is held and being able to deal directly with those deciding terms sets Risk Assured apart.


Catherine Wilson
Associate Director
Josh Harris
Associate Director
Lauren Deponeo
Associate Director
Yann Mrazek
Managing Partner
Hermione Harrison
Director & Head of Corporate

David Bell speaks with John Smith from Company, they discuss X, Y and Z.


M/HQ is a multi-services platform catering to wealth and investments – regulated financial institutions on the one hand, proprietary investments structures on the other. Our one- stop-shop offering is unique in the Middle East: a holistic and cross-disciplinary combination of a market-leading corporate services firm, a regulatory & compliance services practice, and a Family office/Private client specialist team, all through one single platform.


We assist in establishing and servicing regulated financial institutions on the one hand, Multi- and Single- Family offices, Sophisticated Investment structures, Group- and Family- Holdings, Foundations and other asset consolidation/protection and intergenerational wealth management structures on the other hand.


Headquartered in the UAE, and counting 80+ staff, we are an entrepreneurial Group for entrepreneurial clients.


Cécile Civiale Vuillier
CEO / Group Head of Private Clients
Christian Bühlmann
Group Chairman & Founding Partner

TrustConsult Group

TrustConsult Group is a mid-sized Luxembourg originated, dedicated Trust House active in cross-border Corporate and Tax Structuring, Administration and Management as its core business, with an international presence in several key jurisdictions including: Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Hong Kong and Dubai.


In addition to our traditional service line and as an answer to growing client demands Private Trust Partners was established in 2014 as an M&A Boutique in Private Equity and Real Estate providing independent advisory services for cross border acquisitions and divestments for the small and middle market segment . With the same idea to address client’s expectations, TrustConsult Fund Solutions was launched in 2015, to advise on process and cost optimisation of an existing fund, project manage a new fund by having our totally independent and experienced team in the Fund industry, addressing all structuring aspects for and/or with you, from legal/tax to operational perspective and from regulatory to technical.


Our services are respecting a Customer Quality Charter rooted in our core values, being Independence, International, Availability, Humility and Solutions Driven, to serve our vision of key differentiators driving the market: Pro-activity, Personal Relationships and Commitment to our Clients.


David Bell speaks with John Smith from Company, they discuss X, Y and Z.

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