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Ugoma Ebilah

Director - BLOOM Art

Ugoma Ebilah is a trailblazing figure in the African art scene, celebrated for her significant contributions as a creative entrepreneur and curator. She currently spearheads Mbari Kola, a forward-thinking cultural development foundation for artists and art enthusiasts, aimed at fostering creativity and innovation within the arts economy and community.
She is the founder and curator of Bloom Art, a private gallery and art advisory known for promoting a diverse array of modern and contemporary artists. Her visionary leadership in projects such as the Woman Rising Music Concert and Lights Camera Africa Film Festival has solidified her status as a cultural icon who significantly impacts Nigeria’s creative landscape.

Additionally, her past achievements include founding the award-winning design brand, Zebra Living, and co-founding The Life House, a pioneering multi-arts institution that has become a cultural landmark.

Ugoma Ebilah's continued commitment to the arts and culture sector not only highlights her role as a thought leader but also underscores her dedication to advancing the discourse around African art on a global stage. Her work extends beyond art curation to include significant contributions to cultural preservation and advocacy, thereby ensuring her legacy as a key influencer in shaping contemporary African art and culture.

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